UK Covid live news: Sajid Javid defends Tory MPs’ refusal to wear masks in cabinet and Commons

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UK Covid live news: Sajid Javid defends Tory MPs’ refusal to wear masks in cabinet and Commons

Latest updates: health secretary explains Tory MPs reluctance to wear masks by saying they aren’t meeting with strangers

Good morning. Sajid Javid, the health secretary, has been doing a morning interview round this morning, and he has been asked why Conservative ministers and MPs are so reluctant to wear masks. It is because when they are at Westminster they are not with strangers, he said. This is what he told Sky News when asked why no one was wearing a mask at yesterday’s crowded cabinet meeting.

That is perfectly consistent with what the prime minister said yesterday and what I said yesterday, because what we said was that people should consider wearing masks in crowded places when they are with strangers, when they are with people that they are normally spending time with.

"Can you not catch Covid from your friends?"

We asked Health Secretary @sajidjavid why there was no mask in sight in pictures of yesterday's Cabinet meeting.#KayBurley UF

I think people should just use their judgement. Be sensible. If you are in crowded places with poor ventilation with strangers, people that you just don’t know, people should consider wearing a mask and we’ve been clear about that from July.

But equally if you’re with people that you’re regularly with and most people are vaccinated or you’ve good reason to believe that they are, you can take a different approach.

One rule for them latest:

The Health Secretary @sajidjavid tells the British people it's fine for Tory MPs not to wear face masks in the House of Commons because "they're not strangers".

Apparently you can't catch Covid off someone you know. Right then.

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