Mick Harford: ‘I’ve got tears in my eyes thinking about what fans are doing for me’

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Mick Harford: ‘I’ve got tears in my eyes thinking about what fans are doing for me’

Luton assistant manager has been overwhelmed by support since prostate cancer diagnosis and is ready for ‘big fight’ ahead

“I don’t really want the interview to be about me,” says Mick Harford, almost by way of introduction. It underlines why he is such a popular personality in the game and beyond. “It is all about ‘Prostate United’ and Prostate Cancer UK. Obviously, you’ll have to say a little bit about me but I just want to concentrate on all the help I’ve been getting and the way people have been around me, going out of their way to support me in my illness.”

It is almost 12 months since the Luton assistant manager and chief recruitment officer was diagnosed with prostate cancer and four since he started radiotherapy. This month staff at the Championship club, its academy and community trust signed up to the Prostate United fitness challenge to show support for Harford and raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, which funds research to enhance treatments for the most common cancer in men. It kills one man every 45 minutes in the UK. Harford wants to raise awareness and his openness has already had a meaningful impact.

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