Hot News on 13/01/2021

Hauling sail into 2021 like “soon may the Wellerman come …”
Reliant on markets in the European Union, they fear that making any mistake in daunting new paperwork could cause border delays that would ruin entire shipments — and their businesses.
YouTube is the latest tech company to bar the president from posting online, following Twitter, Facebook and others.

Four Republican representatives say they’ll vote with Democrats

Welcome to our live coverage of US politics for Wednesday, when the House of Representatives is expected to vote to impeach president Donald Trump for a historic second time.

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The last of 14 works identified as looted from Jewish collectors is returned to the owner's heirs.
Carol and David Richards had been fined £60 for driving 20 minutes to see her mother.
The shadow chancellor says Labour's proposals would give taxpayers "better value for money".
Police in Atlanta want to question YFN Lucci, 29, over a fatal shooting in the city last month.
Edgar Ventura, 22, was arrested Tuesday “without incident” about 35 miles south of the Merced County Downtown Jail, officials said.
Google DeepDream explores how artificial intelligence can produce dream-like art.
The Harvard-educated lawyer, who sits on the Intelligence Committee and once led the Hispanic Caucus, will help prosecute President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.
Lilly Aspell got the Wonder Woman 1984 part despite never acting before and does all her own stunts.
Lee Man-hee was however found guilty of embezzlement and handed a suspended jail term.

Trailblazing photojournalist, regularly published in Picture Post, documented life in post-war Britain and up to the 90s

“Gentle pictures are probably dead as a dodo today,” Grace Robertson, the photographer who has died aged 90, told the Guardian in 2010, “but back then it was different.”

Back then was the 1950s, when Grace worked for Picture Post in Britain, her gentle style of observational photojournalism chiming with the postwar public’s appetite for images that reflected the small pleasures of peacetime Britain.

The Google-owned service said the president had broken its rules over the incitement of violence.

Announcement expected on Thursday after Boris Johnson challenged on issue

The government is apparently preparing to ban flights from Brazil in a bid to limit the cases of a new Covid variant reaching the UK, with an announcement expected on Thursday.

Boris Johnson dropped a heavy hint that travel restrictions could be imposed, as he was pressed by Labour MP Yvette Cooper at a cross-party liaison committee.

Governments around the world have tried to support the arts during the pandemic, some more generously than others.
The North Korean leader said his economic policies had failed, but he called his nuclear arms buildup one of the great feats “in the history of the Korean nation​.”

Next week’s closure thought to be related to semiconductor shortage caused by pandemic

Honda will shut its UK factory for four days next week as global supply chain problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic continue to plague the Japanese carmaker.

The closure is thought to be related to the unavailability of semiconductors, the computer chips used to run cars’ onboard management systems. The problem has affected carmakers around the world. Volkswagen has described it as a “global semiconductor bottleneck”.

Momentum is building among Republicans to vote for impeachment.

YouTube Suspends Trump

Wed, 13 Jan


OnlyFans, a social media platform that allows people to sell explicit photos of themselves, has boomed during the pandemic. But competition on the site means many won’t earn much.
Evidence emerged that top officials, including at the F.B.I., had warnings about violence before the riot at the Capitol.

Record quarterly rise of 82,000 CCJs in England and Wales comes ahead of lifting of repossessions ban

County court judgments (CCJs) against struggling borrowers have surged, leaving more vulnerable consumers at risk of being chased for debts as the UK prepares to lift its ban on repossessions.

The wind down of some Covid support, including payment holidays introduced at the start of the pandemic, contributed to a record increase in CCJs in the final months of 2020, according to the Registry Trust, which runs a non-profit register of judgments. They had fallen sharply at the start of the pandemic thanks to targeted government support.

A report finds the pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on those already living in poverty.
A health board says 19 people did not turn up for their vaccines on Monday.
The move means only approved followers can view videos made by users aged 13-15.
Hundreds of people will face a judge following a major inquiry into the 'Ndrangheta criminal group.
The trip planned by Donald Trump's outgoing administration had infuriated China.
Novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani criticises coverage of the kidnapping of schoolchildren.
As the House prepared to move forward with an impeachment proceeding, a small number of Republicans said they support the effort.
The 86-year-old name will disappear in Australia from July, after a campaign by Aboriginal groups.
Wednesday: Putting the events of Jan. 6 in historical context with Lawrence Rosenthal, who has studied the right wing.

Virus claimed more than 4,300 lives on Tuesday as death toll passes 380,000 across US amid vaccinations

The coronavirus claimed more than 4,300 lives on Tuesday, another one-day high, amid further signs that pandemic fatigue is likely to lead to further spread of the virus.

The death toll from Covid-19 has now passed 380,000 across the US, according to Johns Hopkins University – closing in fast on the number of Americans killed in the second world war, or about 407,000. Confirmed infections have topped 22.8m.

Why there was a backlash this week to WhatsApp, and what, if anything, has changed.
Inaugurations have long mirrored the nation’s cultural life. Joe Biden’s will feature Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake and Jon Bon Jovi — remotely, in an age of illness and threats.
The mothballing adds another possible factor in the crash of the 26-year-old Boeing 737-500, which killed 62 people on Sriwijaya Air Flight 182.
The Nets said they were aware of the video, which appears to show their guard attending a large indoor party, which would violate the league’s coronavirus protocols.
For at least the next two weeks, players won’t be allowed to leave their homes except for basketball activities and essential activities. Also: No more handshakes.
The Die Hard actor was reportedly asked to leave an LA store for refusing to wear a face covering.
Officers said those attending were "aware of the coronavirus rules" but "intentionally broke them".
Micheál Martin apologised for the "profound and generational wrong" to survivors of the homes.
Robert Swan, who has held the job for two years, is leaving the Silicon Valley chip giant after an activist investor pressed for change.
Photos of the packages, which critics called meager and overpriced, circulated widely on social media, prompting the government to reinstate vouchers for parents to buy food, themselves.
Hamad had descended into despair, one of a Kuwaiti community denied rights for generations.
Doctors believed 11-month-old Sofia-Grace Hill was rejecting food because she had tonsillitis.