Hot News on 11/06/2021

School leaders sound alarm as data shows rapid rise in infections among secondary school pupils

School leaders have warned against the government “sleepwalking” into further disruption to education as data showed the Delta variant was continuing to spread within schools in England, with a rapid rise in infections among secondary school pupils and further outbreaks in recent weeks.

Data from Public Health England showed there have been 149 outbreaks linked to the Delta variant since 26 April, with 136 of them coming in the four weeks up to 6 June. The figures included 50 outbreaks in the first week of June, when most schools in England were closed for the half-term holiday.

As doubt grows that government will end Covid controls on planned date, we look at the other options

Downing Street is set to announce its decision on the next stage of Covid reopening in England by Monday, a week ahead of 21 June, which was set as the earliest date to bring in what is officially stage four of the Covid unlocking process. The original aim was to remove “all legal limits on social contact”, allowing the reopening of remaining businesses such as nightclubs. Public health is a devolved matter, meaning Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not have the same deadline. Here are some possible options for England. They are not exclusive, meaning several could be used at the same time.