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Moyes’s gamble on the pacy player plucked from Hull has helped a push for the Champions League

It is unlikely that West Ham would have signed Jarrod Bowen had they decided to give Manuel Pellegrini one more transfer window. Every attempt to convince Pellegrini to move for Bowen had fallen on deaf ears, with the Chilean insistent that the winger was not good enough for the Premier League, and the club’s recruitment department probably would have had to accept defeat had the board chosen not to change managers at the end of 2019.

After all West Ham were not the only top-flight side monitoring a talent whose performances for Hull had marked him out as one of the best forwards in the Championship. Crystal Palace and Newcastle also had Bowen on their radar and West Ham, who had replaced Pellegrini with David Moyes, were in danger of missing out as the January transfer window drew to a close.


The tests will take up to 12 days to arrive, which may be after the peak of the current surge of cases in some parts of the country.

Fears rise over how unregulated trading and promotion of crypto assets are creating a new generation of addicts

Steven has lost more bitcoin than most people will ever own.

Raised on the remote Shetland archipelago, he left school at 13 to become a trawlerman before moving into construction, eventually earning £85,000 a year digging tunnels for Crossrail.

“But my mind would twist and I’d go all in, like a poker player that thought he had the perfect hand. I was convinced I was going to be a bitcoin millionaire.”

Clubcard Pay+ is available to 20m Clubcard holders and designed to help people budget and save

Tesco’s banking arm has launched a prepaid debit card with a linked savings account that is available to the 20 million customers who hold one of the retailer’s Clubcards.

The new offering, called Tesco Clubcard Pay+, is designed to help people to budget and save, the company said. You can top up the debit card from any UK bank account.

Under a new decree, all web traffic will be routed through a government portal. Rights groups say a crackdown on digital expression is about to get worse.
The state is distributing 5,100 new body-worn cameras, the most extensive commitment of any state as corrections facilities across the country push for better surveillance.

For the first time in a while more than just bragging rights are up for grabs in the north London derby. Arsenal head to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in fifth place and with genuine hope of forcing their way into the Champions League for the first time since the 2016-17 season. Tottenham sit two points behind them thanks to a run of eight league games undefeated since Antonio Conte’s appointment. Tottenham will be without Son Heung-min and Eric Dier while Granit Xhaka is suspended for Arsenal following his second red card of the season. Stephen Hollis

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Conservation groups appeal to EU to take action against slaughter they allege flouts rules

Finland is joining Sweden and Norway in culling wolves this winter to control their population, as conservation groups appeal to the European Union to take action against the slaughter.

Hunters in Sweden have already shot dead most of their annual target of 27 wolves, while Finland is to authorise the killing of 20 wolves in its first “population management cull” for seven years.

Hawke says tennis champion is ‘perceived by some as a talisman of a community of anti-vaccine sentiment’

Tennis champion Novak Djokovic, who has been described as a risk to “civil unrest” and a “talisman of anti-vaccination sentiment”, may never get the chance to defend his Australian Open title, facing a three-year ban from the country ahead of a last-ditch court challenge to stay.

Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, personally cancelled the unvaccinated world No 1’s visa, arguing his presence in Australia could incite “civil unrest” and encourage others to eschew vaccination against Covid-19.

The tourism sector was banking on a strong holiday season once borders reopened, but cancellations and staff shortages have left many floundering

Summer holidaymakers continue to roll through the glitter strip at Surfers Paradise, even as the Gold Coast’s Omicron outbreak increases. It’s quiet for January, but tourists are still here, wandering between the hotels, the restaurants and the beach.

A few streets back from the surf, the diminished workforce at the Paradise Resort is paddling furiously beneath the surface.

Training materials released by the Oregon city included a meme that mocked protesters as dirty hippies and suggested they would be left “stitched and bandaged.”
The Serbian tennis player has kept out of sight but is under the watch of border officials.
Newly released documents show that top career officials at the Census Bureau had drafted a list of complaints about political interference in the 2020 count.

This weekend is the last chance to donate to our 2021 appeal supporting those on the frontline of the climate emergency

In this year’s Guardian and Observer charity appeal we have supported communities and individuals hit hardest by the climate emergency, people who have seen their lives upended and livelihoods lost by extreme weather. It’s a topical issue, and not going away – and there is still time to donate: so far we have raised over £800,000.

Our appeal is shaped by vivid stories of climate emergency: floods, drought and wildfires; from reindeer killed by unnatural arctic heat to chronic crop failure by the shores of Lake Victoria. At its heart, however, lies inequality and poverty: the stark truth is the countries least responsible for global emissions have by far suffered worst from climate-induced disasters.

A federal court judge scheduled a Sunday hearing to address the unvaccinated tennis star’s Australian visa revocation. The Australian Open begins on Monday.
He’s best friends with Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker, is married to super agent Bryan Lourd, and fancies himself a liquor mogul.
Democrats already were expecting a rough election year. But their struggle to advance priorities has some calling for a course correction.
Democrats already were expecting a rough election year. But their struggle to advance priorities has some calling for a course correction.
The early-stage cancer was detected after a preventive hysterectomy, and it has not spread elsewhere in her body, according to ESPN.

In his new film Nightmare Alley, the Oscar-winning director abandons fantasy for gritty noir – but, as he knows from his childhood, humanity has its own share of monsters

Guillermo Del Toro used to describe Hollywood as “the Land of the Slow No”. Here was a place where a director could die waiting for a project to be greenlit. “The natural state of a movie is to be unmade,” he says over Zoom from his home in Los Angeles. “I have about 20 scripts that I lug around that no one wants to make and that’s fine: it’s the nature of the business. It’s a miracle when anything at all gets made.”

Nevertheless, Del Toro has established himself as this century’s leading fantasy film-maker, more inventive than latter-day Tim Burton and less bombastic than Peter Jackson (with whom he co-wrote the Hobbit trilogy). From the haunting adult fairytale Pan’s Labyrinth and the voluptuously garish Hellboy romps to his beauty-and-the-fish love story The Shape of Water, which won four Oscars, he is the master of the glutinous phantasmagoria.

He called himself a “well-informed amateur,” and he wrote about everything from bluegrass to ballet.

Actor’s phone is turned over to authorities investigating fatal shooting on New Mexico film set in October

Alec Baldwin has handed over his cellphone to investigators who are looking into the fatal shooting on the New Mexico set of the film Rust in October, his attorney and a law enforcement official said.

A search warrant for Baldwin’s iPhone was issued in December. The Santa Fe County, New Mexico, sheriff’s office had said earlier this week that it was still trying to obtain the device from the 30 Rock actor.


Lacey Haynes and Flynn Talbot want to improve the world’s love life – starting by doing it live on air in every episode

Lacey Haynes is a women’s “intuitive healer”, and guides couples in yoga-informed “elevated sex”. When she opens her front door, the first thing I notice about the Canadian podcaster is her fashionable faux fur slippers and chic blunt fringe. Where is the western wellness guru uniform of linen tunic, elephant-print trousers and culturally inappropriate head jewellery, I wonder?

Inside the living room, I spot the hot-pink sofa that Haynes’ Australian husband, Flynn Talbot, a men’s life coach and fellow elevated sex practitioner, calls “love island”. Fans of their podcast – Lacey and Flynn Have Sex – will know it as one of many locations around their house where they take the title literally, recording themselves having sex in the bedroom, on the kitchen barstool, and beyond.

The states’ central claim is that Facebook acquired competitors — particularly Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014 — in a predatory manner, by crushing competition.

Activists are gaining support for move to hold popular vote to decide who stands in presidential election

A group of political activists will make one desperate last attempt this month to save the bitterly divided French left from an electoral catastrophe in the presidential election with a “people’s primary” to designate a single candidate.

The Primaire Populaire was initiated by young people dismayed by the fractures that could mean no leftwing or socialist figure will reach the second round of the election in April.

Newly revealed documents from the complaint against Google shed light on potential advertising sales manipulation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were allegedly aware of and approved a deal to collaborate on the potential manipulation of advertising sales, according to newly revealed documents.

The documents, which came to light on Friday, were filed as part of a lawsuit against Google brought by the attorneys general of multiple US states. The lawsuit was first filed in December 2020 and claimed Google misled publishers and advertisers about the price and process of advertising auctions. At that time, many documents and parts of the lawsuit were redacted, but court rulings have since made them public.

The acclaimed journalist talks about life before Watergate, as portrayed in his new book Chasing History, and life after Trump

Carl Bernstein is crying. He slips an index finger behind his spectacles to push away a tear. He repeats the action to wipe his other eye.

Nearly six decades have passed since Bernstein, a young newsman in a hurry, was told by a colleague that President John F Kennedy was dead. But the gut punch of that moment surfaces as if it were yesterday. “I still have trouble with it,” Bernstein admits, quickly regaining his composure. “It’s very strange.”

With their broad voting rights push nearing a dead end, Democrats must soon decide whether to embrace a far narrower bipartisan effort to protect vote counting and administration.

Line of Duty has made her primetime royalty and one of the UK’s most watched actors. Now Vicky McClure is paying it forward to a new generation of working-class talent

Vicky McClure has just made me a cup of tea and now we’re on to the important business of weighing up just how famous she has become. The Line of Duty and This Is England star reckons she’s a long way from being an A-lister, insisting her fame is “a bit more like a household-ey name? Maybe in the same vein as a soap?” It’s the kind of take you might expect from the grounded Midlander who, despite starring in the most-watched BBC drama since records began, keeps things very real. And she also makes a great cup of tea.

We’re talking in the unflashy front room of her cosy house in Nottingham. An ordinary house on an ordinary suburban street; no thick electronic gate, no hovering publicist or personal assistant. Our only (unseen) company is McClure’s fiance, fellow actor Jonny Owen, who’s pottering around upstairs. Oh, and the builder who knocks on the front door – they’re having work done.

Alert in Pacific nation after latest in a series of spectacular eruptions from the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano

The Pacific nation of Tonga issued a tsunami warning on Saturday after an undersea volcano erupted.

Video posted to social media showed large waves washing ashore in coastal areas.

The southern Chinese city of Zhuhai has suspended public bus routes after announcing it had detected at least seven cases of the highly transmissible Omicron coronavirus variant there and warning residents not to leave the city.

The coastal city, which borders the gambling hub Macau, said late on Friday that Omicron had been detected in one mildly ill and six asymptomatic patients, after mass testing due to a case in a neighbouring city.

Reporters this week found packages with labels of many major US mail companies including Amazon, REI among others

Newly released photos and videos showing train tracks littered with discarded boxes have cast fresh attention on the theft of packages from cargo containers crossing through Los Angeles in recent months.

On tracks near downtown Los Angeles, a team from Agence-France Presse on Friday found packages with labels of most major US mail order and courier companies. Reporters from CBSLA on Thursday found boxes from retailers including Amazon, REI and others. CBSLA reported that Union Pacific, the railroad company operating the cargo trains, had cleaned up the area of tracks where the boxes were found three months ago and again about 30 days ago.

Party officials now say they are resigned to spending and organizing their way around the new voting restrictions passed in Republican-controlled states.

Things fall apart … unfortunately there is rather more to know about door handles and cat flaps than I imagined

It is the season of things coming off in your hands: drawer knobs, door latches, cupboard handles. Everywhere is disintegration and fatigue, down to the very metal. Reach out, turn it, pull it towards you, and it’s yours.

On Monday evening the youngest one snaps off the brass latch handle while trying to open the front door. He shows me the piece, shorn away by the force of his grip.

The outage in a platform used by teachers and students has caused another disruption for a system that has had its share amid the pandemic.

Acquaint yourself with the state of things with Geoff Lemon’s piece from yesterday ...

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Be wary of firms offering to help secure refunds from HMRC but then taking up to half of repayments

Taxpayers are being warned to beware of online agents that offer to help them claim rebates from HMRC, then pocket up to half of any payments.

Claims firms appear to be taking advantage of tax relief payments owed to millions of people who were forced to work from home during the pandemic.


West Ham regained fourth place by beating Norwich on Wednesday and will hope to continue their winning run when they host Leeds. They saw them off in the FA Cup last week and Marcelo Bielsa’s side, who are eight points above the bottom three, still have a long injury list. Bielsa will hope Patrick Bamford and Rodrigo are back to lift his side’s attacking threat. West Ham, meanwhile, are sweating on Mark Noble and Tomas Soucek, with Kurt Zouma also pushing for a place on the bench. Jacob Steinberg

Sunday 2pm Sky Sports Premier League

The singing group’s debut single, “Chapel of Love,” rose to the top of the charts in 1964, displacing the Beatles’ “Love Me Do.”
Mayor Hector Lora urged residents to shut their windows as smoke from the burning chlorine plant wafted through the region.

Melted cheese is always good, and especially on the gloomiest of days: indulge in this German spin on mac’n’cheese, or a Georgian bread filled with a lake of cheese and egg, or winter veg on super-cheesy mash

Blue Monday may or may not be the most gloomy day of the year, but it’s a good idea to have some pre-emptive preparations in place either way. For me, that always takes the form of food and its unfailing ability to comfort. From there, it tends to be a very short step to melted cheese: grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, mac’n’cheese, tuna melt … it’s no coincidence that so many people’s favourite comfort food is basically an excuse to melt, stretch and eat cheese. No need to smile for the camera, but we can all still say, “Cheeeeese!

UK readers: click to buy these ingredients from Ocado

UK readers: click to buy these ingredients from Ocado

The Las Vegas Raiders will face the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots will visit the Buffalo Bills.
Game publishers are offering NFTs, but skeptical gamers smell a moneymaking scheme and are fighting back.

Oath Keepers leader is one of the most high-profile arrests yet in the year-long investigation into the insurrection

The arrest this week of Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of the Oath Keepers militia, marks one of the most significant moments thus far in the federal investigation into the January 6 Capitol attack.

Rhodes, along with ten other associates, is charged with seditious conspiracy for plotting to violently overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election – the first sedition charges prosecutors have brought related to the insurrection.

After a week of setbacks, some analysts say time is running short to impress voters ahead o f the November polls

Even for a White House familiar with roadblocks and frustration, Thursday’s setbacks on vaccine mandates and voting rights came as hammer blows.

Aside from the immediate derailing of two key policy tenets of Joe Biden’s administration, the vaccine ruling by the supreme court, which quickly followed Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema’s public assassination of his voting reform efforts, prompted a new round of questions over whether his presidency was doomed.

Maxwell was convicted last month of recruiting and grooming teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell is due to be sentenced in late June after her conviction last month on charges including sex trafficking and conspiracy relating to the recruitment of teenage girls for financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

US district judge Alison J Nathan announced the 28 June date on Friday even as she waits to resolve defence claims that a new trial should be ordered after a juror’s public admissions after the verdict about his childhood sexual abuse.